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Writing has been a passion for years. Anne is currently working on three different nonfiction mental health books. Stay tuned for more information about these books

Anne continues her psychotherapy practice in Seattle, now using the computer to video chat with her clients, leaving a bit more time to write, and to ride her wonderful, and funny, thoroughbred horse named Jupiter.


Ms. Norton obtained her undergraduate degree in Education from Seattle Pacific University. Her Graduate degrees are from Gallaudet University in Washington DC, which is the world’s only Liberal Arts University primarily for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students. Ms. Norton has obtained certificates or license in Regular and Special Education, Counseling, School Psychology and Sign Language Interpreting. She has written several articles and has presented numerous workshops on mental health and educational issues at agencies, and local and state educational and mental health conferences.

She was the only licensed mental health provider in the entire state of Alaska with specialized training and certifications in deafness. Due to living and traveling around Alaska, her profession put her in unique living situations, and with some very wonderful and unusual clients. Her first professional job involved flying in tiny airplanes to various Yu'pik eskimo schools where the Eskimo children were awed by this tall, blond, white woman in the huge blue jacket who wanted to talk with them.